2018 Conference

Fundamentals Track

A Way Through Conflict: Have Convictions But Pursue Love, Brad Bigney

The History of Biblical Counseling and How It Impacts Your Future, Heath Lambert

Getting To The Heart, Rob Green

Communication, Jeremy Pray

Helping Couples Develop a Godly Approach to Marital Intimacy, Rob Green

Biblical Forgiveness, Steve Mawhorter

Biblical Parenting for the Glory of God, Rob Green

How To Care Like Christ: Comforting the Suffering, Bob Kellemen

How to Care Like Christ: Growing in Grace, Bob Kellemen

Marriage: Her Role, Andrew Rogers

Marriage: His Role, Andrew Rogers

Biblical Parenting 101, Mark Shaw

How to Grow and Change, Randy Patten

Lessons Learned through Counseling Experience, Randy Patten

Key Elements 1 and 2: Gathering Data and Discerning the Problem, Randy Patten

Key Elements 3 and 4: Building Involvement, Giving Hope, Brad Bigney

Key Elements 5 and 6: Providing Instruction and Assigning Homework, Randy Patten

Video Case Observation: Analysis of Trey and Deb Pt1, Randy Patten

The Need, Definition, and Goal of Biblical Counseling, Heath Lambert

Anger, Stuart Scott

Biblical Counseling and Medical Illness, Lee Edmonds

Christ the Soul-ution, Sadness, Worry, and Me, Lee Edmonds

Mental Illness, Lee Edmonds

Presenting the Gospel, Stuart Scott

Secular and Integration Theories, Heath Lambert

Additional Lectures

For those seeking ACBC Certification, please listen to these additional lectures to fulfill your 30 hours of training.

Advanced Track

How to Counsel Parents to Become Better Parents, Andrew Rogers

Effective Premarital Counseling, Rob Green

Financial Counseling: Connecting the Gospel to the Wallet, Rob Green

Helping Others Through Infertility, Miscarriages, and Adoption, Jeremy Pray

Helping Singles Glorify God, Rob Green

How to Counsel a Women Who's Married to a Man Who Won't Lead, Andrew Rogers

How to Counsel Parents in Disciplining Their Children, Steve Mawhorter

What to Say When It Can't Be Fixed, Brad Bigney

Biblical Insights Into Addiction, Mark Shaw

Counseling an Addict's Enabler, Mark Shaw

Dealing with the Spiritually Cold and Rebellious, Randy Patten

How to Conduct an Addiction Intervention, Mark Shaw

How to Counsel All Types of Addictions, Mark Shaw

Keys to Reviving a Broken or Stagnant Marriage, Brad Bigney

Making the Most of Homework, Brad Bigney

Marital Counseling Strategies, Homework, and Resources, Randy Patten

Most Common Diagrams I Use in Counseling Pt 1, Brad Bigney

Most Common Diagrams I Use in Counseling Pt 2, Brad Bigney

Sexual Temptation: Resisting or Rebuilding in the Aftermath of Failure, Brad Bigney

The Mind of an Addict, Mark Shaw

Mental Illness and the Nature of Man, Lee Edmonds

When the Counselor is in Need of Counseling, Stuart Scott

31 Day Devotional with Hurting Parents, Stuart Scott

PTSD: Processing Events in a Fallen World, Lee Edmonds

Balancing Comfort and Admonition for Counselees in Pain, Heath Lambert

Common Counseling Situations with Correlation Passages, Heath Lambert

Counseling Teens in the Context of Youth Ministry, Eric Davis

Counseling Those Who Have Been Abused Pt 1, Heath Lambert

Counseling Those Who Have Been Abused Pt 2, Heath Lambert

Helps in Organizing Data from Sessions, Stuart Scott

How to Counsel with a Member of the Opposite Sex, Steve Mawhorter

Insomnia: A Body and Soul Reality, Lee Edmonds

Shock, Talk, and Chemical, Lee Edmonds

Walking Through the One Anothers, Stuart Scott

Counseling Goals, Processes, and Finesse, Rob Green

Counseling Parents Who Have Kids on Drugs, Andrew Rogers

Counseling Through the Psalms of Lament, Andrew Rogers

Launching Your Grief Journey with Christ, Bob Kellemen

Inviting God to Join Your Grief Journey, Bob Kellemen

Traveling with God on Your Journey of Faith, Bob Kellemen

Waiting with God on Your Journey of Hope, Bob Kellemen