2021 Conference



AUGUST 20-21

Brad Bigney

ACBC Certified | Author of Gospel Treason | Lead Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church, KY

Randy Patten

ACBC Fellow, Director of Training Emeritus | President of TEAM Focus Ministries

Steve Viars

ACBC Fellow/Board of Trustees | Author of Putting Your Past In Its Place | Sr. Pastor of Faith Baptist Church Lafayette, IN


Dr. Charles Hodges

Author of Good Mood Bad Mood | Executive Director of Vision of Hope Residential Treatment

Stuart Scott

ACBC Membership Director and Fellow | Author of The Exemplary Husband & From Pride To Humility | Professor at The Master’s University

Heath Lambert

ACBC Fellow - (Previous Exec Director of ACBC) | Author of Finally Free | Sr. Pastor of First Baptist Church of Jacksonville


Dale Johnson

Executive Director of ACBC | Assoc. Prof. of BC - Midwestern Bapt. Theological Seminary

Nicolas Ellen

ACBC Fellow | Founder and President of the Expository Counseling Center | Sr. Pastor of Community of Faith Bible Church in Houston, TX

Kevin Carson

ACBC Certified | IABC Certified | Sr. Pastor of Sonrise Baptist Church, Ozark, MO


Steve Mawhorter

Pastor of Adult Ministries, NorthCreek Church, Walnut Creek, CA | ACBC Certified

Jeremy Pray

Pastor of Biblical Counseling, NorthCreek Church, Walnut Creek, CA | ACBC Certified

Kent Dresdow

Sr. Pastor of NorthCreek Church Walnut Creek, CA



$120 - April 15 - July 14
$150 (Beginning July 15)

Cancellations/Refunds will be granted through July 15, 2021 – All refunds will be subject to a $20 processing fee. Should the event need to be cancelled, full refunds will be granted.
Two Track Options


An introduction to biblical counseling for those who are first time attenders and interested in growing in counseling and discipleship. This contributes 30 hours to the first phase of ACBC certification.

Sample Workshops:

Weekend 1:

  • What Makes Biblical Counseling Biblical
  • Gathering Data & Discerning the Problem
  • Building Involvement and Giving Hope
  • Providing Instruction and Assigning Homework

Weekend 2:

  • Brothers and Sisters: We are Not Therapists
  • Sufficiency of Scripture and the Place of Medicine
  • Counseling Depression
  • Marriage

Weekend 3:

  • When All Hope Seems Lost
  • Anger
  • Fear and Worry
  • Dealing with Trials and Suffering


Register Here for Advanced REOPENED!

For those who have already attended the fundamentals track or Cornerstone Self-Confrontation Class. These topics go deeper into biblical counseling and address complex problems from a biblical perspective. These topics change each year so returning attendees can further their training. 

Different This Year for Advanced: We are offering 3 advanced group options with varying topics.  You will stay in the group you select for the entire weekend. You will be able to select a different group each weekend.  Space will be limited for these groups so register early.

Sample Workshops:

Weekend 1:

  • Putting Your Past in Its Place
  • How to Counsel Biblically When It's Just a Cup of Coffee
  • Pornography: As an Ox Goes to the Slaughter
  • Leading People to the Goodness of God

Weekend 2:

  • Brothers and Sisters: We are Not Therapists
  • Counseling Those Who Struggle with Fear, Worry, and Anxiety
  • When Does My Counselee Need to See a Doctor
  • Counseling End of Life Issues
  • Live Role Play

Weekend 3:

  • When All Hope Seems Lost - Psalm 73
  • Cultivating Genuine Repentance
  • Biblical Counseling in the Hospital
  • After the Affair


Fundamentals Schedule

Advanced Schedule

General Schedule

Friday: 6:30pm - 9:15pm

Saturday: 8:00am - 4:30pm

NCT Health Update

As you’re undoubtedly aware, eight Bay Area counties have reinstated a mandatory face covering policy for indoor public settings, including the county in which the NCT Conference will be taking place, Contra Costa County. For some, this is likely viewed as a wise course of action given the current surge in COVID-19 cases. For others, the news is both unwelcome and unsettling.

This latest masking guidance universally applies to all places where the public might gather, and obviously a conference of this size (with over 600 people registered) is no exception. As such, we believe it is good and right that we honor those that God has placed in authority over us by asking that you lay aside personal preference and wear a face covering when indoors at the upcoming NCT Conference. We also recognize that there are allowable exceptions to the face covering guidance: health concerns, communicating with the hearing impaired, and the like. Having said that, since for some this issue runs far deeper than simply a preference not to wear a mask, I strongly urge every one of us to extend charity and grace to those who may not be adhering to our masking request.

Remember, other than the plenary session, each of you are in a group that will remain stationary for each session and the speakers will go from room to room. Of course you can go outside between sessions for breaks and refreshments.

This subject is in the news enough, so I think nothing would please the Lord more than to have this be a mere speedbump on the way to wonderful conference where we can equip ourselves to minister the Word to those in need. We will keep you up to date ASAP if there are any other Covid-related changes.


  • We are excited to introduce you to our new NCT conference app!  We believe this will enhance your conference experience, allow us to communicate more effectively and timely, and will give you access to all the speaker notes and more!  We’ll have more info on that in the coming weeks. With this change, we will no longer be providing student notes in hard copy format. Once the App is up and running, you will have access to the student notes and be able to print them yourself should you prefer paper copies.

  • Snacks and drinks will be available; however, we will not be hosting meals this yearWe ask that you eat dinner prior to attending on Friday night, and eat breakfast prior to attending Saturday morning. The schedule will allow time for you to leave campus for lunch.

  • Advanced Track will be meeting within three pre-registered groups.


Please check your registration confirmation email for hotel information and group rate links.