2016 Conference

Fundamentals Track

Building Involvement, Andrew

Giving Hope, Andrew

Intro to Sexual Sin, Garrett

How to Approach Sexual Sin Based on Its Depth, Garrett

Psychobabble and Its Equivalents, Garrett

The Man's Role in Marriage, Steve

The Woman's Role in Marriage, Steve

Counseling in Community, Garrett

Guilt and Repentance, Brad

Hope into Action, Christine

Biblical Sexuality

Getting to the Heart Issues: Idolatry, Brad

God's Purpose for Marriage, Wayne

Suicide Prevention 101: Talk Saves Lives, Christine

The Goal of Parenting, Wayne

Trials and Suffering, Brad

The Need for Biblical Counseling, Nicolas

Communication, Nicolas

Forgiveness, Nicolas

How to Grow and Change, Randy Patten

Key Elements 1 and 2, Randy Patten

Key Elements 5 and 6, Randy Patten

The Sufficiency of Scripture, Steve

What Makes Biblical Counseling Unique, Randy

Advanced Track

Blended Families, Andrew

Case Study, Andrew

Counseling Sexual Abuse Pt. 1, Garrett

Counseling Sexual Abuse Pt. 2, Garrett

Counseling the Porn Addict, Garrett

Teaching Counselees About Spiritual Disciplines, Andrew

Using Lament Psalms to Pray Through Pain, Andrew

Avoiding the Biggest Mistake Biblical Counselors Make, Wayne

Building a Counseling Roadmap, Wayne

Desperate Parents Make the Best Parents, Brad

Making Much of God in Counseling, Brad

New Diagrams for Counseling, Brad

Suicide Prevention: Talk Saves Lives, Christine

Categories of Suffering and How to Address Them, Nicolas

Fundamentals Revisited, Randy

Homework Assignments from the Teacher, Steve

Homework That Maximizes Change, Randy

How To Get Your Counseling Off To a Good Start, Randy

How to Quiet a Noisy Soul, Nicolas

Understanding and Dealing with the Fear of Man, Nicolas