2017 Conference

Fundamentals Track

Trusting God in Advance, Nicolas Ellen

Gathering Data and Discerning Problems, Randy Patten

How to Change and Grow, Randy Patten

What Makes Biblical Counseling Biblical, Brad Bigney

Building Involvement and Giving Hope, Brad Bigney

First Session Dynamics, Stuart Scott

Giving Instruction and Assigning Homework, Randy Patten

Presenting the Gospel, Stuart Scott

Video Case Observation: Trey and Deb, Randy Patten

Anger, Steve Mawhorter

Fear and Worry, Andrew Rodgers

Forgiveness, Kevin Carson

Pharisee Parenting, Andrew Rogers

Secular Psychological Theories, Kevin Carson

Showing Mercy to Those in Need, Andrew Rogers

Spiritual Idolatry, Kevin Carson

The Role of a Husband, John Street

The Role of a Wife, John Street

Biblical View of Sexuality, Nicolas Ellen

Depression, Charles Hodges

Developing Effective Communication, Nicolas Ellen

End of Life Issues, Charles Hodges

Parenting and Discipline, Nicolas Ellen

Parenting Instruction, Nicolas Ellen

Problems with Pain Medications, Charles Hodges

Sufficiency of Scripture, Steve Mawhorter

Advanced Track

Brain Injuries, Stuart Scott

Staying Alive: Perils and Pitfalls of Being in BCM, BradBigney

After an Affair, Steve Mawhorter

Biblical Decision Making: Part 1, Stuart Scott

Biblical Decision Making: Part 2, Stuart Scott

Cannabis and the Christian, Cindy Bolter

Case Study: Trisha, Stuart Scott

Complaining: Part 1, Brad Bigney

Complaining: Part 2, Brad Bigney

Evangelize or Disciple, Randy Patten

Helping the Discouraged, Brad Bigney

Making Much of God in Counseling, Brad Bigney

Making the Most of Homework, Brad Bigney

Three Stages of Counseling, Steve Mawhorter

A Biblical Theology of Remembering, Kevin Carson

Anorexia, Laurie Agnello

Counseling Abuse, John Street

Counseling the Transgender, John Street

Demonic Activity and Counseling, John Street

Help, I'm Married to an Angry Person, Andrew Rogers

Help, I'm Married to an Unbeliever, Andrew Rogers

Insomnia and Chronic Fatigue, John Street

Perfectionism: Are You OCD? John Street

Philemon: A Case Study for Reconciliation, Andrew Rogers

Starting a Biblical Counseling Ministry, Steve Mawhorter

Talking to Couples Who Are Living Together, Kevin Carson

The Role of Community and Discipleship, Andrew Rogers

Women Married to Men Who Won't Lead, Kevin Carson

ADHD, Charles Hodges

PTSD, Charles Hodges

Bipolar, Charles Hodges

Counseling Those Committing Sexual Sin, Nicolas Ellen

Helping Hurting Women, Venessa Ellen

How to Minister to Self Righteous Counselees, Venessa Ellen

Idolatrous Lust, Nicolas Ellen

Pursuing Godliness Through the Disciplines of Christian Faith, Nicolas Ellen

The Blessing of Letdowns in Marriage, Nicolas Ellen

What Do Christian Women Really Need, Nicolas Ellen

When Homosexuality Hits Home, Steve Mawhorter