2019 Conference

Fundamentals Track

Biblical Parenting: Instruction, Kent Dresdow

Biblical Parenting: Discipline, Kent Dresdow

Worry and Fear, Kevin Carson

Biblical Forgiveness, Steve Mawhorter

Biblical Communication, Jeremy Pray

Marriage: His Role, Andrew Rogers

Marriage: Her Role, Andrew Rogers

The Goal of Parenting, Kevin Carson

Admonishing with Tears, Kent Dresdow

Secular and Integration Theories, Dale Johnson

What Makes Biblical Counseling Biblical, Dale Johnson

Getting to the Heart, Dale Johnson

Biblical View of Sexuality, Nicolas Ellen

Guilt and Repentance, Nicolas Ellen

Have You Considered the Purpose of Your Trials, Nicolas Ellen

Presenting the Gospel, Stuart Scott

Putting Off Anger, Stuart Scott

The Purpose of Marriage, Brad Bigney

Biblical Counseling 101: Why You Should be Involved in the Care of Souls, Wayne Vanderwier

How to Grow and Change, Randy Patten

Key Elements #1 & #2: Gather Data and Discern the Problem, Randy Patten

Key Elements #3 & #4: Building Involvement and Giving Hope, Brad Bigney

Key Elements #5 & #6: Providing Instruction and Assigning HW, Randy Patten

Video Case Observation, Randy Patten

Helping Those Struggling With Depression, Wayne Vanderwier

Additional Lectures

For those seeking ACBC Certification, please listen to these additional lectures to fulfill your 30 hours of training.

2015 NCT - Counseling Those With Physical Illness, Dan and Pam Gannon

2015 NCT - Psychotropic Drugs, Dan and Pam Gannon

2017 NCT - First Session Dynamics, Stuart Scott

First Session Dynamics Student Guide

Counseling People with a Mental Illness Handout

Counseling and Psychotropic Drugs Handout

Advanced Track

Counseling and Christ, Kevin Carson

In-House Outsourcing: Getting Your Church Involved, Andrew Rogers

Identifying and Confirming Future Counselors, Steve Mawhorter

A Counseling Survey of the New Testament, Andrew Rogers

The Work of God in Everyday Decisions, Kent Dresdow

Showing Mercy to Those in Need, Andrew Rogers

Practical Helping Using Ephesians as a HW Assignment, Kent Dresdow

Counseling and Abuse: A Case Study, Andrew Rogers

My Favorite Passages I Use in Counseling, Kevin Carson

My Two Most Commonly Used Diagrams: Fruit Tree & Iceberg, Steve Mawhorter

When Your Counselee Wants to Quit, Kevin Carson

Helping Wives Embrace Romance, Steve Mawhorter

Idols of the Heart, Kevin Carson

Helping Men Romance Their Wives, Steve Mawhorter

To Divorce or Not To Divorce, Andrew Rogers

Practical Skills for Developing Cross Cultural Relationships, Nicolas Ellen

Helping the CEE Move from Pride to Humility, Stuart Scott

Navigating the Mental Health System, Cindy Bolter

How to Counsel the Psychologized CEE, Dale Johnson

Postpartum Depression, Dale Johnson

Self Harm Part 1, Dale Johnson

Self Harm Part 2, Dale Johnson

Understanding and Dealing with Temptation Part 1, Nicolas Ellen

Understanding and Dealing with Temptation Part 2, Nicolas Ellen

Understanding Sorrow, Nicolas Ellen

Counseling Families Torn Apart by Adultery, Stuart Scott

Examining the Topic of Divorce and Remarriage, Stuart Scott

Helping the Counselee to Kill Sin, Stuart Scott

Cannabis and the Christian, Cindy Bolter

Counselors Should be Good Theologians, Brad Bigney

Fundamentals Revisited, Randy Patten

Common Mistakes When Helping Others Overcome Porn, Jeremy Pray

Intakes, Graduating Cee's and Q&A, Laurie Agnello & Sue Miller

Doubting the Goodness of God (Psalm 73), Brad Bigney

Heart-Focused Projects for Growth: Between-Meeting Assignments, Wayne Vanderwier

Listening: A Key Skill for Counselors, Randy Patten

Understanding and Conquering the Fear of Man, Wayne Vanderwier

Feeling Abandoned By God (Psalm 88), Brad Bigney

Toward a Biblical Theology of Experience: The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life, Wayne Vanderwier

Shattered: Suffering Through the Eyes of Job, Brad Bigney

Thinking Biblically About Various Psychological Labels, Wayne Vanderwier

Back to Grace - How to Counsel without Making your CE a Pharisee, Brad Bigney

How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake Biblical Counselors Make, Wayne Vanderwier

Parenting Redeemed by the Gospel, Brad Bigney

Counseling People with Divorce in Their Past, Randy Patten