NCT 2019

AUGUST 23-24 // SEPTEMBER 27-28 // OCTOBER 18-19

As an ACBC Certified Training Center, NorthCreek Church is again excited to offer high quality annual biblical counseling training for the Northern California Bay Area over three weekends.
AUGUST  23-24       SEPTEMBER 27-28      OCTOBER 18-19

Last Fall, over 500 of us came together for three weekends to encourage one another in our service to others in the body of Christ and to become better equipped. 

At the 2019 conference, we will again offer a fundamentals track for first-time attendees or those who would like a refresher.  We are also happy to continue offering 2 workshop options each hour to our advanced students (those who have been to the fundamentals track before). Again, that means there is one track for counseling instruction for those new to biblical counseling, and two workshops to choose from each hour for sharpening counseling/discipleships skills.  To make that possible, we have not only brought back several teachers from last year, but we have added several more.  In total, we will have 12 teachers with a wide range of experience.

Biblical counseling is ramping up in churches all over the U.S. as the wisdom of God's Word is recognized through life in Christ Jesus, especially in northern California. Whether you are a pastor, a counselor, or new to a walk of faith in Christ, we are excited to learn with you and to grow in God's grace together.

A Special Note to Pastors: I am so excited to be able to offer an invitation for you to attend at no charge hoping that you are able to bring others with you!  Since we have been working together, more and more believers in Northern California are gaining confidence in the wisdom of the Word for matters pertaining to life and godliness.

I hope to see you in August.

Jeremy Pray
Pastor of Biblical Counseling

The Bible Has Answers

All believers are invited to attend as we answer the call in God's Word together to bear one another's burdens, encourage¬Ě, teach¬Ě, exhort, and rebuke each other in the body of Christ. You will become better equipped to humbly encourage the faint-hearted, help the weak, and be patient with them all as we point others to the Lord Jesus Christ through the revelation of Himself found in His Word, THE BIBLE.

Conference Schedule

Each NCT weekend follows this general schedule.
5:00 pm - Plenary Session
6:30 pm - Dinner
7:30 pm - Workshop
8:35 pm - Workshop (Fundamentals Track only)
Advanced Track should finish by 8:30 pm.
Fundamentals Track should finish by 9:30 pm.